Dull is dead.

Long live beautiful
exciting spaces.

Original and fun

We are best known for our upcycled pallet furniture and continue to focus on using extraordinary materials. PUUF! and you are remembered.

We listen, think, cooperate,
rent, deliver, build and tear.

We are PUUF!
the event shapers 

Copenhagen based

Our location is in close proximity to many events. We also deliver in the whole country. Site visit or a coffee meeting? You can count on us.

Flexible and cost-effective

We work when you need us. Days, nights, weekends. All that while keeping our prices fair and transparent. No hidden costs.


Watch us in action

Renting event furniture is the core of PUUF!

PALLET and REBAR seats, tables, displays and walls are our building blocks. Together they create something bigger. Something different. 

Something that can create an emotional response. Excitement. Surprise. And big smiles.

Your favourites:

“Det var en fornøjelse at arbejde med de kreative folk fra PUUF. De er fleksible, hårdtarbejdende og løsningsorienterede. Slutresultatet var et bemærkelsesværdigt, kreativt og sjovt event-space, som vores gæster satte stor pris på.”

Madeleine Andersson

“Vi var yderst tilfredse med samarbejdet med PUUF og vil med glæde bruge dem igen i fremtiden.”

Sofie Aaby Kristensen
Mogens Dahl Koncertsal

PALLET series

Our unique palette

The wooden pallet is something you see every day without seeing it. It’s everywhere. Literally. Sadly, often left behind as waste, after it has served its purpose. Until now. PUUF! Upcycles pallets. Repairing and refurbishing them. Giving them a new purpose and meaning. They have become one of our essential building blocks for event creation.

We source our pallets from recycling centres, partner businesses and private citizens. We then sand and smooth them (to avoid splinters) and add legs, hardened glass or cushions. Turning them into PALLET tables, chairs, displays and walls. Its modularity, ease of stacking means less space is required to store and transport, reducing not just the costs but also our carbon footprint. Our PALLET Series is raw, minimalistic and unconventional, for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

REBAR series

Raising the bar

Rebar (short for reinforcing bar) is a steel bar or mesh used to reinforce concrete. An essential ingredient in the building blocks of modern society. They are in the foundations of your home. In the walls and floors of the office building where you work. Under the tracks of the train or metro you take to work.

We decided to deconstruct concrete and the rebar to create a new and unique series of furniture. Part recycling, part bent and welded at a metal shop, part MDF boards covered in architectural concrete. 100% PUUF!

Avocado and onion colouring from avocados and onions

The colours we use for our cushions are 100% natural dyes. We extracted them literally from avocado seeds and onion peels.

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