We listen, think, cooperate, rent, deliver, build and tear.

We are PUUF!
the event shapers

4242  6192


CVR: 38482807

Alliancevej 20, 1th
2450 Copenhagen SV

Karol Szmigielski

4268 7961 - karol@puuf.dk

The unpredictable creative brain. The passion. The eagle eye for detail. Turning thoughts into tasteful, tangible and touchable design.

Mateo Stawczyk

4242 6192 - mateo@puuf.dk

The irresistible force. Develops ideas and doesn’t stop till they are realized. Collaborates with clients, making 110% sure their needs are met.

Naomi di Biasio


The magic maker. Bewitches everyone she meets. Makes the impossible possible.

If you asked her to turn straw into gold, she will say: “How difficult can it be?”



The best friend. Loves to run and sniff around the PUUF! headquarters.

His favourite snacks include canine dental sticks, apples and carrots. He will never say no to a walnut.

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