Creative Circle – circular economy at Reffen

Jul 21, 2020

PUUF has been invited to participate at Creative Circle – Circular Economy in Practice at Reffen this Sunday. Together with Mellow Designs, who organise the event, and other startups, we will present ideas inspired by circular economy, sustainability, upcycling and recycling.

Shared love for pallets – collaboration with Mellow Designs

Our collaboration with Mellow Designs started last year at Building Green conference, prompted by our shared adoration for upcycling and pallets. We upcycle pallets into our furniture, they create systems that connect pallets together to build spaces. Together we aim to shake up the current economic paradigm. The event at Reffen is a step towards transforming it into more circular.

Footage from the event. 
Photo credit: Mellow Designs

At Creative Circle, you could learn how circular economy works in practice by participating in a series of workshops, talks and other activities on the subject. You could meet the team behind PUUF, sit in our furniture and experience what we are so passionate about. Come with a smile, say hello and learn more about circular lifestyle!

Event link:

The first edition turned out to be a great success. We will notify you of events happening in the future!