Step by step guide on working with PUUF!

Jun 8, 2020

You might be wondering: how does it work, working with PUUF? You’ve never done it and you’re just dying to find out what our service looks like. Say no more, we’ll take you through the rental process, step by step, so we can collaborate smoothly.

1. Getting familiar

We found each other! You’re here because you need sustainable furniture or a custom installation for your event. That’s great news. 

If you’re not familiar with our selection, we’re here to help. You have 2 options:

  • Browse through our catalog, which lists all our products and their specification
  • Contact us by mail or phone and we will tell you all about your possibilities

2. Getting in touch

Once you know what we offer it’s the time to get in touch and tell us more about the event itself.

  • When is it happening?
  • What is the location and duration?
  • What is the mood you’d like to create?
  • How many guests are you expecting? 
  • How many seats do they need?
  • Do you need anything special?

Your options are to fill out the ‘get a quote’ form, send us an email or call (especially if your inquiry is urgent). We will get back to you via your preferred medium.

3. Quotation

After receiving your request we will find the most suitable solution in terms of furniture and logistics. The offer we send you includes: 

  • Pictures of similar set up and/or 3D render
  • Furniture cost (based on amount and duration of event) 
  • Transportation cost (based on event’s location)
  • Set up/dismantling cost (based on size of the order and venue accessibility)

The quotation includes Terms and Conditions of our service. You can confirm the order by signing the quotation and sending it back to us. By confirming the order you accept the Terms & Conditions.

4. Payment

The payment should be done 100% upfront up to 14 days before the event. We might ask you for a downpayment early in the production process in case of creating a custom solution.

5. Event set up

After we confirm all the formalities it’s time for the exciting part! We will contact you a few days before the event to confirm the timing and location agreed beforehand. Please inform us of any timeframes designated for the set up. Our crew will arrive at the site on time and call the contact person.

After a brief inspection of the site we will start assembling the furniture in a designated area. We will follow a set up plan that we agreed on before. Please inform us of any alterations beforehand. After the set up is completed we will ask you to inspect it – we want to make sure you’re satisfied with the results! You sign a receival document and we’re on our way.

6. Dismantling

After the event has finished, our crew will reappear at the site to pick the furniture up. Please inform us of any timeframes designated for dismantling. We will inspect the furniture and notify you of any damages.


We hope that the step by step guide above is helpful in your event planning process. Renting furniture with PUUF will save you time and money, but most importantly help you create an unforgettable ambience during your meeting. We will gladly advise you throughout the process of working with us, as well as event planning. 

Do you have any more questions? Check our FAQ, Terms & Conditions or simply contact us!