Where to look for an event venue in Denmark?

May 20, 2020

Complete list of venue tools & databases

Event attendees expect a lot from event planners – and for a good reason. They use their precious time to participate in the activities you prepare. Hosting them in the right environment can make or break their experience. One of the crucial factors creating it is certainly the venue choice. Finding the right venue is not an easy task and event planners don’t have all the time in the world to thoroughly vet venues one by one.

Thankfully there are plenty of tools that help you find the right venue for your budget and vibe. We’ve gone through the darkest alleys of the internet and prepared a complete list of the best venue finding tools and databases for events in Denmark.

Venue finding tools – what factors did we consider?

We decided not to strictly rank the tools from best to worst, however we listed the impressions we had using them. When comparing them we considered:

  • Size of the database
  • Ease of use and contact
  • Intuitiveness and aesthetics
  • What makes each of them unique 

The list consists of both local Danish tools, as well as international ones.


  • Features over 200 venues
  • It lists some smaller and offbeat locations
  • Contains intuitive map view
  • Some venues have a 3D tour or a video


  • Features over 140 venues
  • Venues require fulfilling the Green Key criteria to be listed
  • The information is not as thorough as in the other tools, but it could be useful to cross-check for sustainability reasons


  • Features over 200 venues
  • Contains an intuitive map view 
  • Provides thorough information and detailed prices
  • Enables easy sorting of venues based on very detailed criteria


  • Features over 90 venues
  • Offers a live chat option
  • Provides thorough information and detailed prices
  • The information is presented in a clear way


  • Features countless venues
  • It’s an interesting option for out of the box meeting
  • The ‘venues’ likely require more preparation than the standard ones


  • Features over 130 venues (mostly in the Copenhagen area)
  • It has clean aesthetics – easy to navigate
  • Some venues have their own videos & floorplans
  • It lists some smaller and offbeat locations


  • Features over 300 venues
  • Thorough information however it appears scattered

How to use the tools?

The search results in many of the databases we provided above will surely overlap, however we believe that looking through different sets of venues can provide the most comprehensive information. This way we can find the best match, the best deal and eventually a venue the best suited for your needs.

Are we missing a tool? Do you have any comments regarding the list?
We are always eager to hear your feedback and ideas! Write us at hello@puuf.dk