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Q: Is your offer limited to what I can see on your website

A: Definitely not! If a solution is sustainable, we can always add it to our offer or do it especially for your event. Surprise us! Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Q: Which brands of furniture do you have in your offer?

A: The lion’s share of our furniture is designed by us – we want to make sure that the furniture we offer comply with our values from the concept stage till it’s after life.

Q: Are you able to create a custom furniture piece especially for my event?

A: For sure! Share your idea with us, and if we can make it sustainably, it means we can do it.


Q: Do you offer advice regarding events and furniture rental?

A: Of course, we can help you figuring out a concept for your event. We know what works well in specific environments and situations.

Q: What medium do you use when planning an event?

A: We communicate our idea with clients we prepare plans, sketches, mood boards and 3D visualisations.


Q: Do you deliver the rental furniture to the client?

A: Normally, we deliver furniture to the client, but if you wish, you can pick them up yourself from our warehouse.

Q: My event is happening on the fifth floor and there is no elevator in the building. Is it possible to deliver there?

A: Yes, it’s possible. We charge a set up fee/break down appropriate to the level of difficulty of the work.

Q: Do you work during bank holidays?

A: Yes, we’ll find a way to deliver your arrangement to you anytime.


Q: When should I pay?

A: Payment should be done 100% upfront, unless agreed differently.

Q: I have to cancel my event, do I get a refund?

A: Cancellation of an order is allowed up to no later than two months prior to the commencement of the event. The order must be cancelled in writing (email is sufficient). Costs incurred up to that point will be charged, however. If cancelled at a later date, the entire rental price will be calculated, unless the goods can still be rented. In this event, only 25% of the original cost will be charged.

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