How do we include it in our business model?

Why is it important?

It’s one thing to simply identify a problem, and another thing to actively engage with it. In PUUF we have been experimenting with sustainability since the very beginning.

As we keep growing and establishing ourselves in the market, sustainability has become our passion, our focus and strategy.

From waste management in our studio, to the design and production of our furniture, or the logistics in transportation, we always try to choose the most sustainable options.

But what is it that we do to integrate sustainability in our business model and our daily working environment?


We upcycle

We aim to use upcycled materials when creating our furniture. By using them we extend their lifetime, create more value with what’s already out there. Here our main goal is to create unique and durable pieces for you with minimum environmental impact.

You can read more about our upcycling practices here.


Primary characteristic of our designs, which gives flexibility and a very wide range of applicability in the solutions we provide. Modularity also means that our furniture is easy to stack which allows for easier transportation.

Our modules are carefully designed to be stacked with minimum losses of volume, which in turn allows us to minimize our transportation footprint and fuel consumption.

Neutrality and diversity

Our neutral aesthetics allows us to be present in a great variety of contexts and make our products timeless creations that will never go out of fashion.

The diversity of our products and the differentiated character of our 3 series make them more than appropriate to offer a complete service for all tastes

We reuse

The main idea behind PUUF is based on renting out furniture for events, which practically means reusing the same items repeatedly in different setups.

In addition, we strongly believe that renting will be the ownership model of the future gradually replacing the traditional purchasing model in a wide range of contexts.

Sustainable working environment

We bike or use public transport to get to work. We sort our waste and try to take all the small steps like turning off the light, the radiator and reducing our water consumption.

The furniture in our office is second-hand and we share our creative space with other artists.

We experiment

It has not been our primary goal to be perfect in that from the get-go, but about trying to make sustainable choices and finding solutions that work for us and the events we create for.

In the process, we found out some of them were sustainable because of their extended lifetime while others because we could upcycle and reuse them.

Can we do more?

Of course,
we can!

But as we are in the phase of growth and expansion, we need support. If you liked our approach, values and ambitions, you are welcome to tell about PUUF, spread the good news and remember us next time you are hosting an event.

And last, but not the least, you are more than welcome to implement some of the above-mentioned points and ideas into your own business strategy. Let’s make sustainability the new standard in business!