Terms & conditions

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All offers made by the Rental are non-binding. The Rental reserves the right to charge the Renter for all costs arising in relation to the submission of the offer. The Owner reserves the right at all times to depart from the general rental conditions in individual and special cases


The prices are listed excluding VAT and for 1 day of rental. For the second day of use we charge 25% of the basic price. 15% is charged for every subsequent day. Transportation, build and tear prices are quoted separately.

Rental period

The rented equipment will be made available to the Renter only for the agreed period. The written agreement of the Rental is required for any extension of this period. If the Renter cannot return the rented equipment at the agreed time, the Renter must inform the Owner at least one day prior to the expiry of the agreed rental period.


The Renter is liable for all damages resulting from the use of the rented equipment during the rental period. The Renter is responsible for the loss or damage of the rented equipment. This also applies to all losses caused by third parties or force majeure, such as damage from fire, storm, severe weather, hail, water, burglary, theft or vandalism.


The rented equipment is not insured. Liability is transferred to the Renter as soon as it receives the rented equipment. The Rental hereby advises that the rented equipment be insured for the period of the event, including the time needed for setting up and dismantling.


The Rental cannot be charged with failure of the Rental to not make the rented equipment available or to collect it at the proper time or any other failure of the Rental to meet its commitments to the Renter in a timely manner if this is due to force majeure, which in any event includes: bad weather, fire, explosion or leakage of hazardous substances and/or gases or similar hazards, negligence of the Renter or third parties such as suppliers or transporters, sickness of irreplaceable personnel, occupation or blockade or governmental action.

Renter’s obligation to inform

The Renter must inform the Owner immediately if: 

  • the rented equipment is not complete upon delivery (max. 2 hours following transfer), 
  • the rented equipment is damaged (max. 2 hours following transfer), 
  • the rented equipment was stolen or lost in some other manner.


Payments are to be done 100% upfront. We might ask you for a downpayment early in the production process in case of creating a custom solution.


Cancellation of an order is allowed up to no later than two months prior to the commencement of the event. The order must be cancelled in writing (email is sufficient). Costs incurred up to that point will be charged, however. If cancelled at a later date, the entire rental price will be calculated, unless the goods can still be rented. In this event, only 25% of the original cost will be charged.


The Rental reserves the right to make photo productions, video recordings, etc. at any time of the places where the rented material of the Rental is placed, for purposes of marketing by the Rental. The Renter can use materials created by the Rental upon agreement.


The rented equipment will be delivered to behind the first door on the ground floor if there is access that is suitable for transport. If these transport provisions are not met, the Rental reserves the right to charge for extra costs incurred. 

The Renter must inspect the rented equipment immediately upon delivery. Any omissions must be reported to the Rental by telephone within 2 hours following delivery of goods.


If the rented equipment is dirty beyond regular use, the Rental reserves the right to later charge the Renter for additional costs involved.

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