Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen is the most important beer event in Denmark.

For the 2019 edition we created something special: an art installation using recycled key-kegs. Complemented with a chill lounge for 100 people.

Following a successful collaboration in 2018, folks from Mikkeller put their trust into us: in 2019 we got a creative freedom. They put us on a mission to create something unique with 100 used key-kegs (plastic containers used for storing beer).

After heavy brainstorming and fiddling with melted plastic we got the idea.

Made out of melted plastic kegs, ‘beer bubbles’ were meant to exhibit the uniqueness of the Mikkeller Beer and its design. Dozens beer bottles and cans mounted onto a huge wooden wall became the central point of the event’s outside area. And a mekka for taking selfies. 

Complemented with a pallet lounge behind, it helped create many memories for the beer lovers.

For the second year in a row we collaborated with TechBBQ on their mission to bring fresh energy into the start up world. This two-day event attracts 7,000 visitors meeting 1,500 tech start-ups. We decorated the outside and inside set up our ready-made solutions as well as custom installations. The goal was to create a more human like atmosphere. A real challenge for a technology-driven conference. 

We used our upcycled pallets as our main building block:
– for creating multiple chill lounges and audiences arranged in organic shapes.
– for building 2 greeting walls, which we flooded with green plants and flowers. 

Our REBAR series graced the investors’ inside Oksnehallen, where the big money moves were planned and rolled out.

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